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Here's what happened when 15 random people took turns drawing and describing, starting with the prompt "Beartato and Reginald.". Reginald has appeared in the following books: Beartato and the Secret of the Mystery, Beartato and the Incredible Event, and Beartato and the Various Thi. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Reginald and Beartato Comp. I FENDER NH? Beartato mum tray. So that's where that comes from. Missed the Call: Harrison constantly pines away to be swept up in some big heroic adventure like Beartato and Reginald often are. He's offered several chances practically on a silver platter, but turns his nose up at all of them until recently. Then he comes across Beartato and Reginald, who literally fell into the same thing he was chosen to do.

Beartato & Reginald. Public Figure. Silent Jimmy Wraith. Fictional Character. Eri angel boutique. Clothing Brand Superstar Status TV. TV Show. Federico Bonetti Amendola. Author. The Films of Brian Yuzna. Movie. CRAQ Abruzzo - Wine, Food & Book. Event Planner. Ring Lardner. Writer. Nacque al. This Halloween Michael and I dressed up as Reginald and Beartato from Nedroid. If you haven't seen this website before I highly recommend it. It's full of very funny web comics and I can sometimes get lost on there for ages, in a good way. Autumn is especially beautiful here in the Nightmare Zone. —Reginald. Reginald and Beartato in the Nightmare Dimension. The Nightmare Dimension, also known as the Nightmare Zone, is a pocket dimension of Hell full of horror and madness, where all you dread, even if impossible, becomes a reality. Reginald and Beartato have a borderline creepy/ incredibly close friendship, and this is the sort of odd loving thing that they'd do to one another. If you want to find Nedroid funny, start at the beginning. And do be prepared to accept that the strip as a whole is fucking weird. Aqui encontrarás el patrón que buscas. Miles de patrones amigurumi gratuitos que he encontrado en internet.

Beartato tells him to move on from the past, but a thought balloon pops up in Reginald's mind wherein he sees himself as a teenager at his school locker. This younger Reginald optimistically proclaims, "This anonymous mixtape will surely win Becky's heart!" Present Reginald.

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