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The Truth about Nivea Men Post Shave Balm.

It turns out Kylie uses NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a primer – an unusual beauty hack first brought to beauty addicts’ attention when popular beauty vlogger and makeup artist Nikkie de Jager best known for her makeup tutorials under her YouTube name NikkieTutorials stumbled upon its usefulness under foundation when she borrowed. 22/03/2016 · Watch out chaps. girls are going barmy for your aftershave balm: £5.35 cream dubbed 'the world's best' primer for foundation by beauty experts Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is getting rave reviews from women Beauty experts say it keeps foundation looking flawless all day; Leading brands sell their primers for as much as £28 for 30ml. 09/06/2016 · ♡♡♡SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS! ♡♡♡ SUBSCRIBE: /user/makeupby. TWITTER: /MichaelFinchxo.

That thing is Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm. As a primer. For under makeup. As so many of you have asked for my thoughts on this I thought that a blog post was the best way to address it as I was beginning to get RSI writing it out so many times 🙂 I have no idea why this has taken off as a thing. 29/04/2016 · USING MENS SHAVE BALM AS PRIMER.WTF? ♡ Tell me I'm funny, Twitter: @michellrahima Tell me I'm pretty, Instagram: @michellrahima GOOODMORNING MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES! After hearing that this was actually a thing, using Nivea for Men Post Shave Balm as a oil control primer I decided I had to get my hands on a bottle and test it out for.

13/05/2016 · Here's me using my normal primer, the Benefit Porefessional Face Primer. I have tried so many primers and I'm yet to find one I like better than this. For the sake of the experiment I switched up my normal routine: I used my moisturiser as normal, then the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a. 09/12/2015 · She claimed the Nivea Post Shave Balm, $11.49, is “a product that has changed my primer life” – and beauty lovers online have been raving about it ever since – including Kylie Jenner who recommends it as a moisturiser alternative for those with oily skin. 21/01/2016 · In a nutshell, Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is now widely used by many makeup lovers as.face primer. Yes, the stuff you put on your skin before you apply your makeup. Now, if you look at the ingredients which you'll see in a second, the second ingredient is glycerin, which is in just about every face primer on the market.

If you haven’t already heard about this craze then I’m sure you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about. But NikkiTutorials on YouTube discovered that this Nivea Men Post Shave Balm helps keep makeup on longer than just your regular primer. 19/02/2016 · Hi everyone! I was so please with the results of this balm. My makeup lasted from 10am till 11pm which is when I went to bed so I had to take it off. I'm also happy to say the balm isn't sticky, thick or uncomfortable to wear. It goes on like a moisturiser..

01/03/2016 · Does the Nivea Aftershave balm really work as a primer? I tried it so that you don’t have to. What do you think, let's chat in the comments! DON'T FORGET TO. Hello! So today at the makeup store the lady asked what primer I use and I told her I use the Nivea Post Shave Balm when I do full makeup. She told me that it's really bad for your skin and sucks the foundation into your pores and skin. 28/01/2016 · Nikki stumbled onto the men's post shave product by accident, when she forgot to bring her regular primer and moisturiser to her boyfriend's house. She saw her boyfriend's Nivea post shave balm in the bathroom and decided to give it a try. Later in the day she realised that her makeup hadn't moved and still looked perfect. NikkieRevolution: Nivea After Shave Balm as Primer. Hello Dolls, I am most excited about sharing this review today with you guys because this is the first time ever a Men’s grooming product has made it to the women’s Makeup world.

Nivea aftershave balm as a makeup primer? Hell.

can a men's post shave balm really work as a primer? So you might be reading this and thinking 'Has Cass gone totally crazy?', and the answer is yes, I think I have because using this Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a makeup primer actually works! Nivea post shave balm as a primer? I have oily and dry skin. Nothing stays on my face, I bought Nivea shave balm and it works a little but my face gets oily in about an hour. What do others think? Any tips? I've tried so many foundations, and urban decay de-slick. 21/04/2009 · NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm gets used by both my husband and me! He shaves his face daily but has sensitive skin so needs to be careful with what he is putting on afterwards. This balm has been amazing for his skin, it is softer and he doesn't get a rash or bumps from the gel.

20/01/2016 · The Nivea Mens Post Shaving Balm has became so popular online as one of the best ways to PRIME your face before applying your makeup I had to give it a try in Today's Worth it or Wasted video! This Nivea Mens Post Shaving Balm is suppose to make your foundation makeup last through out the day which is perfect for oily skin! 09/08/2010 · Are use the stuff for primer it’s awesome for prime in your face before make up it makes your make up on so smoothly glide so perfectly! It smells so good I also use it for when I shave so it’s not just for me it in my book is for men to for women to I love the smell this meal is soft settle clean and I use it for primer so I get.

How good is the Nivea Post Shave Balm as.

Review, Swatches, How to Use, Price, Buy Online Nivea Men After Shave Balm as a Makeup Primer. It’s no surprise that I love to use different beauty products, experiment with them and even multi-use. One such multi-use product that I discovered quite recently is the Nivea After Shave balm for sensitive skin. The Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm has been labelled an amazing primer for makeup as it keeps products in place for longer. Before trying the balm, I didn’t have high hopes at all even though I have heard so many rave reviews but I feel like I might be in the minority that actually doesn’t like it. 08/03/2016 · Celeb makeup artist and beauty Instagram star Karen Gonzalez shares her verdict. Trending: "The buzz is all about Nivea Men's Post Shave Balm as an all-over skin beauty primer," said the makeup maven. First Impression/Review: Nivea Post Shave Balm as Makeup Primer Assalamualaikum and hello my pretty ladies! Mesti korang pelik apa kebenda la minah ni pakai post shave balm bagai.

[REVIEW] NIVEA POST-SHAVE BALM AS A PRIMER Saturday, June 11, 2016. Hello, everyone! So, it turned out that I finally have the opportunity to try this product that everyone has been raving about. Yes, that nivea post-shave balm as a primer. Nivea good ol' post- shave balm had a newfound fame when Nikkietutorials raved about it as one of the best primers there is. Since then, every one who's into beauty just wants to have a piece of this thing. Nivea Men Post Shave Balm Sensitive 100ml is specially formulated for sensitive skins and helps to instantly soothe skin after shaving. Contains chamomile and witch hazel extracts to calm irritation. I had the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm for sensitive skin on my to-buy list ever since Nikkie Tutorials mentioned it in one of her videos, literally ages ago. It’s supposed to be the best and the cheapest makeup primer out there, and since my T-zone likes to get oily these days, I thought it.

Nivea Post Shave Balm – this was originally discovered by NikkieTutorials from YouTube. She was the one who discovered that the balm can be an effective makeup primer. It wasn’t long before everyone used the Nivea Post Shave Balm under their foundations.

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